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Welcome to Driving Instructors Blackpool – you’re at the best place to find reliable and professional Automatic & Manual driving lessons in Blackpool . We also have Female Automatic Driving instructor available. Automatic Driving Instructor in Blackpool is a young dynamic, experienced, reliable, friendly and trustworthy driving school based in Liverpool, Bolton,  Manchester,  Preston,  Chorley,  Blackburn,  Darwen,  Accrington,  Nelson,  Burnley,  LiverpoolWalthamstow,  Leyton,  Wanstead,  Chingford,  London areas.

We are here to assist you to learn how to drive Automatic & Manual car with confidence and to help you pass your driving test as quickly as possible. By using our unique tried and trusted syllabus which we have developed, which is a simple step by step technique which will assist and equip you with your learning skills, attitude and behaviour aspects, all of which are important to be a safe driver.

Our teaching methods enable you to pass your driving test with fewer lessons, enabling you to save money for other important things in life.

Automatic and Manual DRIVING COURSES

Hong Kong, China Sept 20, 2017 : Lexus CT200h 2017 Gear Box Sept 20 2017 in Hong Kong.


£ 35.00 /1 hour


£ 32.00 /1 hour
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What does Our Customer say?

Robert thomas

As a foreign license holder, Raja was recommended to me by a friend after I had a very (expensive) negative experience with another company that oversold me hours of lessons without teaching me what I properly needed to know for the test. I should have listened to my friend in the first place.what a great teacher! Raja was professional, thorough, and very efficient in his teaching. I had a complicated schedule, which he was able to accommodate, and he was able to get me an expedited test appointment at Darwen Test center. Plus he’s a really good guy. I highly recommend Raja and Acorn school of Motoring.

Bettie Symthwood

I highly recommend the Acorn Driving School and specifically my driving instructor, Raja. Having failed my driving test once with a different driving school, I was under pressure to pass my test in a short period of time. Despite the pressure, Raja taught me things that I did not learn with my previous instructor and I passed with a low margin of errors. Raja not only gave me good driving tips but he was also punctual, patient, friendly and reliable. I used to be afraid of driving because of my bad experience with my previous instructor but thanks to Raja I gained confidence and ultimately he made me a better driver.

Anthony Josha

My teacher Raja was very patient with my driving from start to finish, and always made me feel relaxed. He was very attentive and before each lesson we discussed what areas needed improving and personalised every class accordingly. He is very positive and a great sense of humor! I would highly recommend Raja as a driving instructor.

Shaun Harrington-Lunt

Fantastic Driving School in Blackburn. Such a relaxed and knowledgable driving instructor. If you want to pass your driving test quickly in Blackburn and you want to take driving lessons in Blackburn with a top class driving school then book with ACORNSOM School of Motoring.

Zeshan Ali

Raja was a great instructor. I took the test to upgrade from automatic to manual, so I already knew how to drive (at least that’s what I thought). Raja taught me how to drive manual, and made me a better driver. Also I got rid of some bad habits I developed over the years. Great experience. Very professional. I recommend Acorn driving school to all in Blackburn or Darwen area.

Amber iqbal

Had Raja for 28 hours in 3 weeks intensive training course, passed first time! I Honestly can’t fault the price, tuition, and depth of knowledge, Raja! supports in the car and outside the car with helpful links, videos and advice. Had a fun 3 weeks with a cool instructor Raja and Passed the test at the end to cap it off. Could not recommend any higher and will definitely tell anyone who is looking to pass their test to go with Raja. Thanks again !

Maariyah Awaan

I would recommend Raja if you want someone who you can have a laugh with but can also teach you what you need to know to pass quickly. Before i started having lessons with Raja i didnt even know the basics of driving. I have learnt so much in such little time. If you want to learn with someone with patience and humour you should choose Raja.

Noor ulhuda

I highly recommend Raja, I was nervous learner and Raja give all the confidence and help i required, He is extremely friendly and very informative driving instructor. I still can’t believe that I pass my test first time all thanks to Raja. I 100% recommend Raja to any one who want to learn and drive.

rawasi jamal

Today was my first day of driving an Automatic car with Raja and I have already Driven back home.I would highly recommend Acorn School of Motoring, Raja is an incredibly calm and friendly instructor who gives you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want and he is fantastic at explaining things.

    How long will it take me to pass my Driving Test?

    Learning to drive doesn’t have to take years, with the right driving school you can be ready in weeks!

    The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency recommends around 50-65 hours of driving tuition, some schools will give you this amount regardless of whether or not you need them! BUT WE DON’T.

    If you are quick to learn, we will get you to test standard and beyond as quickly and professionally as we can, we have teaching programs to suit everyone, even the most anxious or shy people. Fundamentally, learning to drive should be a pleasurable experience and not something you should dread, choosing the right driving school and driving instructor is very important and we feel that we can offer the complete learning experience and thus ensuring that you “Learn the way you want too”.

    Are all of the driving schools the same?

    No, not all driving schools are the same.

    Some driving schools offer just intensive courses, some offer only trailer training and some driving schools are contracted out to the MOD. Unfortunately, some driving schools cut corners in order to offer cheap driving lessons which actually end up costing you more, as you’ll need more lessons to reach test standard. Our aim is to offer excellent value for money while getting you through your driving test in the shortest possible time. A priority of ours is ensuring that you have the necessary skills required to pass your driving test and drive safely on the UK roads.

    Most people don’t know that there is a difference between different driving schools in Manchester and what these differences are. There are also different types of driving instructors in Blackburn, some instructors are in training and are called PDI’s, a fully qualified driving instructor is called an ADI. Also, depending on your driving instructor can depend on what your driving lessons in Blackburn are like and how they are structured. By clicking on the links in this paragraph I will try to explain the differences to you. We cover Bolton, Manchester, Preston, Chorley, Blackburn, Darwen, Accrington, Nelson, Burnley areas. Bolton, Manchester, Preston, Chorley, Blackburn, Darwen, Accrington, Nelson, Burnley ,Liverpool,Walthamstow, Leyton, Wanstead, Chingford, London

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